Teacher Directory

Teacher Directory

The Midland Academy teacher directory contains all active teachers at the school. Use the “SEND EMAIL” button to contact them via email.

To reach a teacher by phone, please call the office at 989.496.2404. For specific contact numbers, speak directly with teachers or consult the class syllabus.


Crystal Charbonneau

1st Grade

Jeff Gusler

2nd Grade

Jodie Stevens

3rd Grade

Marcella Phillips

4th Grade

Beth Bluemer

5th Grade

Amy Burns

Special Education

Laura Ceccarelli

Spanish / Advanced Algebra

Ember Chu

Biology / Chemistry / Food Science

Erin Schroder


Brandon Peppel


Holly Mosher

Gym / Science

Kari Loll


Eric Vinciguerra

6th Grade

Carole Crary


Julie Wells


Adrienne Salogar

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